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I am ribbed for her pleasure

May I introduce myself? My name is Benjamin. It's nice to meet you :o)

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Hmmmm....quite the first impression.

Fashionably late, I see. ;)
I can't seem to help it ... there's just something romantic about a dramatic entrance.

And how says vegans aren't healthy?! ;o)
Well, nice to meet you too!
You say that now ;o) j/k

hello penis, what's you're name? *shakes hands*
haha ... I think he likes you. Should I leave you two alone? ;o)
uh no, not exactly my thing. I like banana's tho. but only real ones.
Believe me, I can relate. Banana's pretty much kick ass.
banana's do. and you don't. at least not mine
Damn, playa'...
how does it feel to be drowning?
I hear it's more rewarding if you struggle. ;)

Why did I ever leave?
The nice thing is water isn't so cold.
Awww...April Fool's. :P
I don't like hairy, but welcome anyway :)
Well, it's only my legs. As you can see, my back is quite bare :oD

Thank you for the welcome though, but for some reason I suddenly feel like doing a lot of coke *lol* :^) ///
nice cock...